Conference Overview

Empowering Automation Occupations

The theme this year is “Empowering Automation Occupations” and towards that end the committee has gathered a range of papers to help every member of the automation community increase their skills and knowledge in key areas of change in our continuously evolving industry.

We have arranged each day to start with a keynote providing focus on the three tracks being presented during the remaining seven sessions.

The sessions have been arranged to maximize your ability to customize the conference to your needs with the ability to move from one presentation to the next across the multiple tracks. This not only allows you to improve your skill sets but also interact with a broader range of colleagues during the numerous shorter breaks and question/answer periods, or hallway conversations stimulated by the talks themselves.

ISA 2019 Conference Overview

Topics of Discussion

Process Measurements

Topics in the often overlooked but important Process Measurements track on April 9 include how IIOT can and will affect field measurements in the future, important considerations in selecting final control elements and analytical sensors to improve process control and environmental monitoring for operations from single wellhead, through the gathering system and processing to the distribution pipelines.

Engineering Design Construction

The Engineering Design Construction track looks at how the role of the engineering firm of the future will need to involve incorporating new technologies while maintaining a connection with existing / legacy facilities from physical connections, through the control system and operator interface to how to execute these complex projects most efficiently.


With the increased digitalization and integration between business and control systems across our industry, Cybersecurity is no longer optional. The Cybersecurity track provides a blend of presentations on how to implement OT projects as well as integrate them with IT systems to prepare for the potential offered by IIOT.

HydroCarbon Processing

All our efforts are about how to apply automation and control technologies to our processes. Here in Alberta most of those processes are hydrocarbon based where the measurement principles discussed in day one are used controlling and monitoring the integrity of our facilities with the objective of maximizing performance.

Safety Systems

Safety and safety systems are being applied more regularly in a range of process industries. However, applying these systems requires compliance with international standards that are not always easy to understand. The five presentations and panel help you provide a better understanding of how to manage the risks and processes to apply this technology.


Using a range of technologies to manage fugitive emissions for monitoring and maintaining the environment as well as associated new Alberta regulations in an understandable way.