New Product Program Submissions

II-IV Marlow - EverGen® PowerStrap® Generator (booth 314)

A medium power output product designed as a power source solution for the industrial, commercial, and oil & gas industries. Designed to be used in place of, or complementary to solar power systems for a constant source of electrical energy. Easily attaches to a hot pipe, such as an exhaust stack, to convert waste heat into usable DC electrical power.

Carbon Controls Ltd. - Turbines Inc (booth 428)

Turbines, Inc., provides a variety of metering products to suit your installation and repair needs, including: Liquid Turbine Flow Meters, Wafer Turbine Flow Meters, Flow Monitors, Retrofit and Rebuilds and Parts and Accessories. We maintain a large inventory of standard products at all times for quick delivery.

Carbon Controls Ltd. - Process Stream Monitor (booth 428)

The CPGD10-100V Methane Sensing System is custom designed to continuously monitor an incoming gas sample for Methane, often replacing traditional Oxygen Sensing Systems on Vacuum Screw Compressors. This system responds quickly while providing unparalled service life and detector stability. No calibration required.

Carbon Controls Ltd. - SCADADROID R2 Alarm Dialere (booth 428)

Product DescriptionSCADADroid is easily configured to use VPN to allow quick and easy remote communications. Once connected, the SCADADroid is accessible for viewing and collecting data remotely, such as on a SCADA system. Remote programming and troubleshooting of PLCs is also possible, potentially eliminating travel time for enhancements, diagnostics and correction of programming issues. On alarm condition the ScadaDroid can be set up to phone, text or email you notifications