AI-Based Autonomous Response: Are Humans Ready?

  • Knowledge Hub
  • Day 1 (April 9) - Knowledge Hub 1
  • April 9, 2019
  • 12:00 pm - 12:45 pm

Global ransomware attacks like WannaCry move too quickly for humans to keep up, and even more advanced attacks are on the horizon. Cyber security is quickly becoming an arms race — machines fighting machines on the battleground of corporate networks. Algorithms against algorithms.

Artificial intelligence-based cyber defense can not only detect threats as they emerge, but also autonomously respond to attacks in real time. As the shortage of trained cyber analysts worsens, the future of security seems to be automatic. But are humans ready to accept the actions machines would take to neutralize threats?

Darktrace recently ran tests across enterprises of all sizes in a variety of industries and has subsequently deployed AI-based autonomous response in over one hundred organizations. In this presentation, explore lessons learned and hear about several use-cases in which autonomous response technology augmented human security teams.

In this session learn about:

– AI approaches and algorithms for detecting and responding to threats
– How human teams adopt (or resist) automated defenses
– The concepts of ‘human confirmation’ mode and ‘active defense’
– Success stories across Smart Cities, genomics organizations, and industrial control systems