When SCADA Falls Short, Remote Monitoring Bridges the Gap

  • Knowledge Hub
  • Day 1 (April 9) - Knowledge Hub 1
  • April 9, 2019
  • 11:00 am - 11:45 am

Incorporating modern automation in to applications is more often requiring the ability to incorporate communications and data handling in to the solution. Being able to monitor the processes, provide callout alarms for technicians, provide remote gateway capabilities for any tweaks to programming which may need to be done, and provide remote data to clients when they require it with or without access to SCADA systems can be challenging. This presentation encompasses the capabilities of Reonix Automation’s solution to this challenge, which many operators of remote sites as well as providers of skid solutions are facing today. The company takes a stand to utilize established open protocols while working with manufacturers to incorporate their devices in to a wide range of applications. In doing so, we showcase the ways to integrate many existing solutions on the market today with the technological requirements end users are expecting. We showcase how the use of widely available cellular LTE technology and infrastructure can be economical and empowering to owners & operators of small to medium operations in the Water/Wastewater, Agricultural and Energy industries.
We will focus on:
– VPN as a secure method of interconnecting remote sites
– Datalogging on a local device as well as pushing it to the cloud through MQTT or as emailed reports
– Modern alarm functionality from dry contacts or Modbus Protocol communications
– Open formats to tie it all together