An Inspired Approach to Inspection Methodology for Storage Tanks

  • Conference Program
  • LDAR
  • April 10, 2019
  • 4:15 pm - 5:00 pm

Storage tank inspection and reporting requirements are mandated by regulators in Western Canada. The considerable diversity in the characteristics of these tanks and their associated systems means different installations need different components inspected to ensure integrity and consequently minimize spill events. Tank owners are challenged by inefficient processes and outmoded systems. Existing industry practice is reactionary, with a “check the boxes” attitude toward compliance that does not yield a net benefit to the organization.

Following analysis of extensive tank data from current operations, a data model was developed to minimize field time in capturing data, at the same time improving its accuracy. Field evaluation showed immediate benefits, providing coverage of 100% of cases with instant identification of deficiencies that had previously been overlooked, or whose severity had been wrongly assigned.

This case study demonstrates the opportunity that lies in achieving regulatory compliance, at the same time addressing and incorporating cost implications, the overall integrity of the asset, and any foreseeable costs associated with contamination related issues. The resulting data provides information for analysis, identifies trends and aids in development of training and awareness programs, etc.; shifting the organization towards proactively mitigating compliance risk and improving operational efficiency.

The approach, demonstrated by results in the tank inspection industry, is fundamentally designed to be the basis for other industries seeking to turn compliance into improved ROI.