Analysis of the Effectiveness of LDAR Programs

  • Conference Program
  • LDAR
  • April 10, 2019
  • 2:10 pm - 2:55 pm

In 2017, the EPA OOOOa regulation came into effect. This regulation imposes OGI LDAR monitoring at new and modified compressor stations across the USA. Many of these facilities had no previous LDAR requirements and there has been significant speculation on what will be found during these monitoring events. The new Federal and Provincial Canadian Oil and Gas LDAR regulations taking effect in 2020 are very similar in scope and frequency to the USA EPA OOOOa regs. By analyzing the results of the OOOOa LDAR surveys can help shine some light on what results we can expect north of the border.
My presentation will analyses data from 495 OOOOa facility surveys conducted from 2017 to 2018 to explore the following questions using actual case study data from compressor station monitoring:
• How many and what size of leaks are being detected at these facilities?
• Do the leak quantity/rates change over time?
• How have facility Operators tracked repair activities and what has been the repair success rates?
• What tangible benefits have been obtained from these OOOOa programs?