IIOT, Enabler or Security Threat; Putting it in Perspective

  • Conference Program
  • Cybersecurity
  • April 9, 2019
  • 4:15 pm - 5:00 pm

The Industrial Internet of Things and digital transformation present a new paradigm for users implementing new measurements, location services and analytics; but do they really. New analytic and wireless companies abound, but many will go the way of the dotcom era unavailable and unsupported. While tried and true technologies built on international standards like IEC62591 (WirelessHART) the Purdue model offer the next evolution for securing systems in process and factory automation. Understanding how to decipher the amalgam of acronyms; what capabilities exist; and connectivity options are the first step in expanding usage of available secure technologies.

In this presentation, you will learn about how IIoT technologies can impact a facility – from design, to execution, to commissioning and ongoing operations. The speaker will review the architecture and technology required to improving security, connectivity and information dissemination throughout the operational environment.