DCS Systems Can Bring Cost Savings to Constructing A New Facility. Fact or Fiction?

  • Conference Program
  • EPC
  • April 9, 2019
  • 11:10 am - 11:55 am

The upstream oil & gas industry has been using a “3 bid and-a-buy strategy” for each piece of equipment for decades, treating compressors, heaters, VRUs etc. as standalone unit/packages. The issue with this approach is that all these pieces of equipment need to be mechanically and electrically stitched together for operations to run the facilities as one entity. The typical facility designs leave the automation system with many complex hardware components to integrate during the design and construction phases as well as a multitude of different software platform solutions which tend to be subjective depending on the EPC. This leaves end users with many variations of facility standards throughout the organization and difficulty maintaining a standardized design with multiple EPCs and construction contractors.